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Why you should always use royalty-free music protected with Content ID in your videos

For a long time, I measured the pros and cons of using digital fingerprints or ‘content ID’ to protect my music. The major con was that all customers who have already purchased my music legally and thus, have valid licenses, would receive copyright claims and would need to clear the videos. As not everyone is familiar with this process, I was concerned about the frustration this would cause. While it’s just a notice (not to be confused with a strike against an account) I feared that it would cause unnecessary stress to customers.

However, due to two recent events, I decided to go ahead and register my entire portfolio. Long story short: first, I accidentally found out that someone has been using one of my tracks to monetize from a streaming website by allowing people to download it for free; second, I discovered that an overseas company had registered one of my tracks with Content ID and claimed as their own. Then, I received a few emails from customers (who had legally purchased licenses to use this track) complaining about copyright claims on their videos as well as their videos being blocked on Instagram. The worst part, I was unable to clear those claims. In both cases, I had absolutely no idea what was going on. I felt outraged that my ability to have full control over my music (and thus provide proper support to my customers) was unrightfully taken from me.

The only way to remedy the situation and avoid similar cases in the future was to register all my portfolio with ‘content ID’. This move ensured: 1. That my work would be protected against infringement 2. That no other person or entity could be claiming my work elsewhere and 3. That I had access to the tools needed to assist legit customers to clear their videos quickly and easily.

While I understand that this will add an extra step to use my music in your projects (only if you wish to monetize your video), I believe it is a necessary step, and one that protects you, your videos, and your online channels/accounts and at the same time, it protects me and my work.

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Thank you for your support!

Henrique Dib

Composer and founder of WavebeatsMusic